Curator and Director of Operations, Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, Jackson Museum of Earth Sciences

  • Austin, TX
  • Academic
  • Full Time

Coordinate operations of the Nonvertebrate Paleontology Laboratory at the Jackson Museum of Earth History, as well as promote access to collections through digitization, and encouraging the continued growth, visibility and use of the collections.


  • Day to day operations of the Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory (NPL) and implementing a vision for the Museum. Manage two buildings, hire, train and manage staff, ensure safety and security, and establish, maintain, and improve standard procedures for museum collections. Develop long-term goals for the collections in collaboration with other members of JSG, providing suggested curation guidelines. These guidelines include required permits, suggested metadata to attach to images, data fields to be collected during research, and appropriate identifiers to facilitate future research.
  • Promote access to collections through digitization and the development of digital tools to promote remote access to the collections. Also promote visibility of the collections and the museum to the professional community.
  • Contribute and encourage continued growth and development of the collections. Seek funding from local and federal resources to improve conditions and access to the collections. Effective fundraising to support the mission of the NPL and the Jackson Museum of Earth History. It also involves budgeting and managing funding sources.
  • Integration and interaction with other institutions. Maintain an active research programs, and develop collaborative projects at UT and with other institutions. This includes development of new research projects, domain and collections based, both current holdings and in areas where there is a for need material to provide a better foundation for future research.
  • Reporting and compliance.

Ph.D in Geosciences, Biosciences, or a related field with an emphasis on paleontology, paleoecology, or another area of paleobiology is required with at least two (2) years of related work experience. Taxonomic expertise that complements or expands the collection strengths is also required, as well as excellent communication skills. Relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.

Experience with collections management and collections-based research. Success at raising external funds including prior experience in grant fundraising to support the mission of an organization. A strong research publication record.

Posted 11 months ago