Research Associate in insect motion vision

  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Academic
  • Full Time

The Research Associate will perform independent research on an externally funded project within the Insect Vision laboratory. Responsibilities include design of visual experiments on hoverflies that aim at investigating what visual statistics are salient to a hoverfly, i.e. what the hoverfly pays attention to, at the behavioral and neurophysiological level. The Research Associate will design visual stimuli, perform experiments using quantitative behaviour and/or electrophysiological techniques, analyse and interpret his/her own data using Matlab scripts, with the ultimate aim of generating publishable outcomes, as well as pilot data for own external funding. The Research Associate will work independently, while contributing to the common goals and activities of the members of the Insect Vision laboratory. The Research Associate will report directly to the head of the laboratory.

The Research Associate is accountable for:

1. Developing visual stimuli that investigate visual salience in hoverflies

2. Performing quantitative behaviour and/or electrophysiology in the hoverfly visual system

3. Developing Matlab scripts that allow quantitative analysis and interpretation of data

4. Discussing the project on a regular basis with lab head

5. Summarizing experimental findings in publishable format, using appropriate scientific language

6. Keeping deadlines

7. Actively participating in weekly lab meetings

8. Any other responsibilities in line with the level of the position as assigned by the Supervisor and/or the



You are required to provide a submission of no more than three pages, stating how your current and/or recent experience meet the requirements of the position description. In addition, you are required to upload your CV.

• Completion of PhD addressing insect motion vision, or other relevant field, or significant progress towards

completion of PhD in insect motion vision

• Demonstrated ability to prioritise and meet deadlines

• Demonstrated oral and written communication skills

• Good interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team

• Problem solving skills

• Demonstrated ability to design experiments, analyse data and interpret the results

• Demonstrated experience developing experiments using electrophysiology and/or quantitative behaviour,

with publishable outcomes

Posted 11 months ago